please tell me who this is

Paul Gentle, better known by his musical moniker PERCE LENARD, is a vocalist from the surrounding Bay Area of California. He is a founding member of the rising internet collective BLEACHERS ONLY CHILD, a Pigeons & Planes Best New Artist of June 2022. While you may know him from his BOC affiliations, his solo discography is where his creativity and self-expression truly shine through. Across his debut EP “BRING ME HOME” and his handful of singles, his sound blends indie elements of folk and alternative with a hyperpop vocal presence.

PERCE had always been into music, but the creative urges inspired by the musically-inclined around him got him into cultivating his own art. The completely self-taught LENARD has become quite involved in the artistic process, working on his music with his producer and friend Matthew Pedroza, half of the duo ENCINO LA. He’s inspired by timeless music, so it’s no wonder why the names Kevin Abstract, Frank Ocean, and Jean Dawson come up when asked about his specific influences. He has a similar end goal, to make art that stands the test of time and can draw connections between emotion and memory. PERCE LENARD wants to inspire the next generation of DIY superstars and pass on this gift of organized sound that we call music.