who tf?

Brody-Lee Harrison Knowles, formally known as Lee Harris, is a 16 year young alternative R&B/Hip Hop artist hailing from Atlanta, Georgia. His biggest inspirations include Frank Ocean, Mac Miller, and Kanye West. 
 He released his first song, “you.”, on SoundCloud on November 7th, 2020, his 15th birthday. An indie inspired contemporary R&B cut comprised of 4 minutes of simple guitar and laid-back vocals. 
 In mid-2021, Lee met producer/graphic designer Matthew Pedroza online. Matt offered Lee to join internet based collective, BLEACHERS ONLY CHILD, which Matt had co-founded with PERCE LENARD, as a producer and vocalist. Lee has remained an active member ever since. 
 A few months after he joined BLEACHERS ONLY CHILD, Lee founded multi-media brand, CLUBHALL. A company focused on music, fashion, and film. Lee aims to use CLUBHALL’s platform to elevate young artists and take the underground scene by storm. 
 Recently, all of Lee’s music aside from one song, SPEED LIMITS, has been wiped from all streaming services. His reasoning behind this decision being that he doesn’t think that most of the music he has released by himself truly represents him and his artistry. 
 Lee Harris will return in 2022.